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Examples of Neo-Assyrian reliefs from Nimrud at the Brooklyn Museum.

The first is of a winged man-headed figure facing right. The second is of an eagle-headed winged figure standing between two sacred trees. Both of these reliefs date to ca. 883-859 B.C.E.

The figures depicted in the reliefs of King Ashur-nair-pal II’s palace are sometimes shown with headbands decorated with rosettes, as shown in the first example. These may have been associated with the worship Ishtar, as numerous rosettes have been found in relation to her temple in Ashur. The genies depicted in the reliefs exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum carry two knives tucked into their garments; some also carry a whetstone for the sharpening of these blades.

Courtesy of & currently located at the Brooklyn Museum, USA. Via their online collections55.15355.156.



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